Jul 23, 2013

A Day as a Tourist in Singapore – Learning Experience

Our lecturer teaching Hospitality and Tourism Operation Management brought our class for a field trip on 17 May 2013 to Singapore Civil District and Asian Civilisation Museum.

Prior to the field trip we are task to research on the following:
·         Tourist attraction in the area.
·         Food and Beverage Outlet (hawker food to fine dining).
·         Entertainment outlet (Pub, disco, etc).
·         Choice of transportation around this area (example MRT, river taxi, etc).
·         IT application the tourist can use to assist them to visit the tourist attraction.
·         Identify the future development in this area.

The first stop is the Singapore River; our lecturer explains to us the past and present of the Singapore River.  The Singapore River has gone through major transformation and now it is a must visit place for tourist and the local. River taxi ply along the Singapore River bring tourists to the Marina Bay area and the Clark Quay area. There are various bronze sculptures along the river giving tourist a snapshot of life along the river.

The Asian Civilisation Museum, hmm I remember this place. Most my friend visited this place when we are in secondary school. I still remember our teacher are very strict and insist us to complete the task in the task list. Today, the experience is different; we are a local tourist to discover Singapore and Asian history. We walk through various exhibits and discover the rich history of Asian. There are various interactive devices that narrate various Asia culture and way of life. The museum ambience provide us with an immerse experience. Wow, a new discovery for me compare to my last visit in my school uniform. We take a group photo outside the museum and walk to the Fullerton Heritage Gallery.

The Fullerton Heritage Gallery exhibit the history of the Fullerton building. The Fullerton building was a post office in the past but now it is a 5 star hotel having approximately 400 rooms. The hotel interior is beautiful and retains the past architecture, most of Fullerton hotel guests are business travellers explain our lecturer.
A short walk through the underpass from Fullerton Hotel, we are at the Marina Bay Area looking at the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. 

There are lots of tourists snapping photo of the beautiful Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Mr Chong, our lecturer explain the development in the Marina Bay Area and told us that we have great future ahead with the development of the Marina Bay Financial District.

We end the “Tour” at the Marina Bay area with a sense of hope for our future. Several of our classmates wish to join the hospitality industry in the future.

What’s next? Huh! With the end of the field trip, we have to start thinking of the Assignment 1 for Hospitality and Tourism Operation Management module!  

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