Jul 23, 2013

A Day as a Tourist in Singapore – Learning Experience

Our lecturer teaching Hospitality and Tourism Operation Management brought our class for a field trip on 17 May 2013 to Singapore Civil District and Asian Civilisation Museum.

Prior to the field trip we are task to research on the following:
·         Tourist attraction in the area.
·         Food and Beverage Outlet (hawker food to fine dining).
·         Entertainment outlet (Pub, disco, etc).
·         Choice of transportation around this area (example MRT, river taxi, etc).
·         IT application the tourist can use to assist them to visit the tourist attraction.
·         Identify the future development in this area.

The first stop is the Singapore River; our lecturer explains to us the past and present of the Singapore River.  The Singapore River has gone through major transformation and now it is a must visit place for tourist and the local. River taxi ply along the Singapore River bring tourists to the Marina Bay area and the Clark Quay area. There are various bronze sculptures along the river giving tourist a snapshot of life along the river.

The Asian Civilisation Museum, hmm I remember this place. Most my friend visited this place when we are in secondary school. I still remember our teacher are very strict and insist us to complete the task in the task list. Today, the experience is different; we are a local tourist to discover Singapore and Asian history. We walk through various exhibits and discover the rich history of Asian. There are various interactive devices that narrate various Asia culture and way of life. The museum ambience provide us with an immerse experience. Wow, a new discovery for me compare to my last visit in my school uniform. We take a group photo outside the museum and walk to the Fullerton Heritage Gallery.

The Fullerton Heritage Gallery exhibit the history of the Fullerton building. The Fullerton building was a post office in the past but now it is a 5 star hotel having approximately 400 rooms. The hotel interior is beautiful and retains the past architecture, most of Fullerton hotel guests are business travellers explain our lecturer.
A short walk through the underpass from Fullerton Hotel, we are at the Marina Bay Area looking at the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. 

There are lots of tourists snapping photo of the beautiful Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Mr Chong, our lecturer explain the development in the Marina Bay Area and told us that we have great future ahead with the development of the Marina Bay Financial District.

We end the “Tour” at the Marina Bay area with a sense of hope for our future. Several of our classmates wish to join the hospitality industry in the future.

What’s next? Huh! With the end of the field trip, we have to start thinking of the Assignment 1 for Hospitality and Tourism Operation Management module!  

Apr 24, 2013

Wicked Festival Event Day 2

Year 2, the time where to many fun games are no more and it’s all about studying and more studying. While it’s important for students to work hard in their studies and to also keep their grades in check.

However, the lecturers believe that all work and no play is detrimental to the students’ well-being  Hence, this event was specially created to aid these students in their oncoming assignments.

The second day of the Wicked Festival is meant for DIT-SD students who will be taking Mobile Applications (MAPP) and Design for User Interactions (DEUI) modules. The objective  is for students to come up with a mobile application idea for their MAPP and DEUI modules. Guest speakers from various industries in Singaore were invited to give talk on how mobile apps can help benefit their industries.

Speaker from Apostrophe Digital
Speaker from Ministry of Home and Affairs

The speakers also shared the steps of developing a successful app, from the planning stage to the final product.
Design mock up

The students then broke down into their groups to brainstorm about the app they are going to create.They were required to work on a problem which they can solve with the mobile application. Sure enough the lecturers were there to guide them along.

After finalizing their idea, the students were required to showcase their work to the speakers.

They were given feedback about their work in areas where they can further improve their idea. Having being given feedback by professional Apps developers themselves will definitely give the students the confidence to improve their products.

All in all, this event is a successful and fruitful for the students. Beyond any doubt this event will be beneficial to all the students’ future assignment.

Apr 23, 2013

Wicked Festival Event Day 1, Part 2

Moving on to the next part of wicked festival, every student will be participating in the IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE!!!

 In groups of 6-7 people, we were assigned to build a catapult with limited materials provided! What is a catapult?! THIS!!!

Wondering what materials we used to build a catapult?! We only had 3 bamboo sticks, rubber bands, strings and newspapers!  With these materials, everyone started to build their own creative and innovative catapult, including the lecturers!! And the requirement was to build it within 1 and a half hour.
Starting from the scratch of racking our brains and starting our designs…

Cutting up bamboo sticks to meet different designs…

Next, building the actual design after much thinking and considerations….

And finally! Testing out how far the newspaper balls could actually fly!

Even the lecturers are involved!!! Using their Science and Mathematics to calculate the expected distance that they could win the competition!

FINALLY, LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN! In the IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE, the top 5 teams that managed to throw the furthest would win medals and gifts.

Every group was then gathered around the field to commence the competition.

After 30 minutes of being under the hot scorching sun, results were finally out and winners have been IDENTIFIED!!!

The Groups:

The “Organizers” aka “Helpers”

Going back to “The Hall” for award ceremony and de-brief, medals were given out to the top 2 winners and Ferrero Rocher were given to the other 3 teams!


--- Written by: Joleen ---

Wicked Festival Event Day 1, Part 1

Wicked Festival has been held from 11 to 12 April 2013.  The objective of the event is for current DIT second-year students to bond together and for to develop growth mindset in their learning.

During the first day of the event, students participated in various ice-breaking & team-bulilding activities. Students had a chance to work together to create the bonds among them.

 These were the early birds that had arrived on time!

We started off with our first activity, which was the self-esteem program! The trainers of the program had organized various bonding games to kick start the day! After that, the trainers gave us a talk on self-concept which consists of self-esteem, self-worth and self-efficacy.

A booklet entitled 'The Absorbent Mind' was given to us and we had to guess what the acronym G.R.A.C.E stands for. Can you make a guess? 

Did you manage to guess what G.R.A.C.E stands for? Here are the answers! 

The final activity of the program was a ring toss game. We were grouped by the trainers into groups of 10. Before we could start tossing, each team had to send out 2 players to toss the rings. Each time a player successfully tosses a ring around the peg, the team would be rewarded with points. Points are given depending on which marker the player stands on at the start point. The points range from 4 to 8 where point 4 is much nearer to the peg and 8 being the furthest. During each round, each team needs to do 10 squats to boost up the team's strong mind, will, and power! 

After a long streak of activities, lunch time has finally arrived and we enjoyed the feast! 

After lunch, Mr. Clarence Ng gave us a speech on elevator pitch. It is about giving a short speech to an important person about your product and its value proposition within a short period of time in the elevator. If the conversation turns out well, your client might exchange his/her business card with you and might even consider purchasing your product. The talk has the same concept when it comes to presenting our assignment to the lecturer.

In other words, we would want to successfully sell our assignment to the lecturer in hopes of giving us an A!