Apr 23, 2013

Wicked Festival Event Day 1, Part 2

Moving on to the next part of wicked festival, every student will be participating in the IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE!!!

 In groups of 6-7 people, we were assigned to build a catapult with limited materials provided! What is a catapult?! THIS!!!

Wondering what materials we used to build a catapult?! We only had 3 bamboo sticks, rubber bands, strings and newspapers!  With these materials, everyone started to build their own creative and innovative catapult, including the lecturers!! And the requirement was to build it within 1 and a half hour.
Starting from the scratch of racking our brains and starting our designs…

Cutting up bamboo sticks to meet different designs…

Next, building the actual design after much thinking and considerations….

And finally! Testing out how far the newspaper balls could actually fly!

Even the lecturers are involved!!! Using their Science and Mathematics to calculate the expected distance that they could win the competition!

FINALLY, LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN! In the IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE, the top 5 teams that managed to throw the furthest would win medals and gifts.

Every group was then gathered around the field to commence the competition.

After 30 minutes of being under the hot scorching sun, results were finally out and winners have been IDENTIFIED!!!

The Groups:

The “Organizers” aka “Helpers”

Going back to “The Hall” for award ceremony and de-brief, medals were given out to the top 2 winners and Ferrero Rocher were given to the other 3 teams!


--- Written by: Joleen ---

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