Aug 26, 2012

Final Year Project- Empire Studio

“FYP is hell. FYP kills your soul. FYP is a good slimming pill. FYP changes your life!”

Ever heard of this from your seniors???? Yeah, that’s what FYP is capable of. Fret not about the killing your soul part cause DIT course manager will provide you guys with Project Management skills that will guarantee you a smooth FYP journey… But what exactly is FYP?

FYP stands for Final Year Project. It is a high weightage ‘module’, compulsory for all Year 3s students in polytechnic education. In summary, you just have to give your best, plan well and do what you are supposed to during this period of time and you will WIN over the FYP fear~

That’s what Empire Studio does- Plan, Execute, WIN.

From left to right: (Back) Dong Chang Jie, Chanon Kulchol (Supervisor); (Front) Tan Pei Ling, Tan Wan Ting, Aaron Chua, Lee Xin Ying

DIT HOT option FYP group Empire Studio tries out the first 21st century technology device, the PixelSense for Singapore Tourism Board.

Samsung 40-inch SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense brings people together to connect, learn and decide with a stunning 360 degree interface. The SUR40 sees and responds to touch and real world objects.

Empire Studio:Through this project, we want to let users of the Microsoft® PixelSense know how the surface works by just a Touch. They can also save information from the PixelSense and gain discount vouchers, etc. Overall, it is a prototype for tourist to get to know Singapore better.”

Navigate through crescent or stars.
With all information needed.

What Empire Studio has to say:

“Overall we find that this project is a success. Our client, Singapore Tourism Board is impressed with our prototype and is looking forward to a better and refined SGTour.”

“One biggest constrain however, is that we are always lacking resources such as databases, PixelSense coding references, etc. So for those taking over this project, they must love exploring and am striving enough to overcome many obstacle when doing this project.”

“We quarreled, we stayed back, we lack sleep, we eat a lot and also bonded ourselves together. This is what it is like to be during FYP and we are grateful that we can helps along the way. Million thanks to our supervisor, Chanon Kulchol, the school and Singapore Tourism Board.”

Quarrel or not, Empire Studio has successfully won over the FYP fear and gain themselves the trust from SP-DMIT's and supportive client. Be sure to be back for more improved project with DIT. 

Next article: The Director's favourite student.

“Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” - Bill Gates, the 2nd richest person on Earth

Yes that’s right, we are the next successors of Bill Gates (*obviously not the nerd part). Be kind to us and we’ll be friend maybe?

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