Oct 16, 2012

Study trip to Tokyo, Japan

During the semester break, our DIT Game Development students went for a week's study trip to Japan, Tokyo!!!!!!!!!
They get to immerse in a new culture and learn from the current game industry.
Group Photo

Here are what they get to experience over the 7 days trip:
Departure- Changi Airport

Welcome to Japan!
the inn, 'hotel' for the week's stay
the room for the nights
room card

Free and Easy Shopping!!!

Diver City, Tokyo
gundam cafe!

1/1 scale Ayanami Rei!

cool bottle


lunch @ Bali Thai

banana cake!

They visited Square Enix and walked around their game development place to witness teams wokring on certain project.
e.g Final Fantasy 14 team
Square Enix
Square Enix, owning many of the floors
look at the beautiful designnnnn

the building
CTO (Cheif Technology Officer) of Square Enix, Shinji Hashimoto, shows them a real time technology demo on Agni's Philosophy, using their own newly developed game engine, Luminious Studio.

Hilmi, with Shinji Hashimoto

Visited Mobage (short for Mobile Games in Japan) and listen to a short presentation of their marketing as well as their SDK (software development kit).

Visit attractive places such as Odaiba City, to see a 1/1 scale Gundam.
1/1 scale gundam

Visited Namco Bandai. Walked around the building on how the develop the game. Places such as the sound studio, office where they working on a game called "Taiko drum master" and also how it is
like to work in a game company.
Bandai Namco

Visited attractive places such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree.
from ground view

view from tower
clear glass floor~
Visited Tokyo Game Show. An exhibition where most of the games companies show a demo of the upcoming release of their games in 2013. There's cosplayer as well.

Game Show ticket
look at the crowd!!!!


view in tokyo game show

Square Enix in game show

Japan, Tokyo.... full of wonders

touch screen vending machine
Japan, vending machine
pokemon shop!

A big thank you to the lecturers who accompanied..
Mr Iswan & Mr Alvin

Japan, the biggest gaming industry on earth. To be able to visit the gaming industries is a dream come true for any gamer. Let's see what some students have to say:

Hilmi, year 2 GD student:
i learnt to produce game from game companies like Namco Bandai and Square Enix. They are both doing large scale projects. It is not that easy like the ones we do in school. Theirs requires a team of at least 100 specialties eg. programmer, sound engineer, designer, etc. Of course, i learn one important skills, communication which is never lacked while working in both gaming companies.

I would like to thank Mr Alvin and Ms Leong for making this trip a dream come true. Also to my class rep, Wai Tung who did a lot of research on this Japan trip. Thank You very much!

Edgar Wong, year 2 GD student:
I want to thank Mr Alvin and other lecturers who helped plan for the trip. I learnt a lot on Japanese culture and saw how game studios work firsthand. It is an eye opener.

Ronald Bay, year 3 GD student:
I would like to thank SP and the lecturers involved for making this study trip to Japan successful! I have experienced so much and learnt alot from this trip! I learnt how convenient Japanese people live their lies and how good the culture in Japan is!

source: Hilmi, Jeric, Edgar for the photos

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