Apr 24, 2013

Wicked Festival Event Day 2

Year 2, the time where to many fun games are no more and it’s all about studying and more studying. While it’s important for students to work hard in their studies and to also keep their grades in check.

However, the lecturers believe that all work and no play is detrimental to the students’ well-being  Hence, this event was specially created to aid these students in their oncoming assignments.

The second day of the Wicked Festival is meant for DIT-SD students who will be taking Mobile Applications (MAPP) and Design for User Interactions (DEUI) modules. The objective  is for students to come up with a mobile application idea for their MAPP and DEUI modules. Guest speakers from various industries in Singaore were invited to give talk on how mobile apps can help benefit their industries.

Speaker from Apostrophe Digital
Speaker from Ministry of Home and Affairs

The speakers also shared the steps of developing a successful app, from the planning stage to the final product.
Design mock up

The students then broke down into their groups to brainstorm about the app they are going to create.They were required to work on a problem which they can solve with the mobile application. Sure enough the lecturers were there to guide them along.

After finalizing their idea, the students were required to showcase their work to the speakers.

They were given feedback about their work in areas where they can further improve their idea. Having being given feedback by professional Apps developers themselves will definitely give the students the confidence to improve their products.

All in all, this event is a successful and fruitful for the students. Beyond any doubt this event will be beneficial to all the students’ future assignment.

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